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Zenty's Enzyme Fruit Juice

This is Zenty’s Fruit Juice Recipe. It’s easy to make , even little ones at home can do it. No blender nor fruit processor needed. It’s fresh and healthy. The only ingredients needed are Fresh Natural fruit, Zenty powder and Brown Rock Sugar. You may do this 1 night before consumption. Fruits combination that you can use are:

  • Apple

  • Apple + Goji berry

  • Kiwi

  • Kiwi + Goji Berry

  • Apple + Rose (that are use for rose tea)

**Please be warn that Citrus fruits cannot be used in this recipe, due to the acid that will cause fermentation to be unsuccessful.

**Boiled water is recommended, Make sure you boiled water and let it chill before making this recipe.

1. Prepare a small cup (½ cup) of water, put 1 pinch of Zenty and let it sit aside to let the sediment sink in.

2.Slice the fruit into pieces and add 1 brown rock sugar into a jar half filled with water. After putting the fruits into the jar, Pour in the small cup of Zenty water, making sure to not pour sediment in. Let it ferment for 12 hrs

3.After 12 hrs, the Enzyme juice is ready.

**Please consume the juice within 8 hrs after fermentation in its natural taste. As the juice will still continue to ferment.

**Do not leave it in the fridge when the juice is fermenting.

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