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Zenty's Natto DIY

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

1. Prepare 1 cup of clean washed soy beans and put it in a bowl of clean water with ½ TBspn of Oatmeal mixed with Zenty. Let it sit for 8 hours aside. ** Do not over soak the soybeans as they will become soft and unable to ferment

2. Put 5 pieces of Dry Natto Beans, 1 rock sugar** and 1 Tbspn of drinking water in a cup. Let it ferment for 2 hours. ** Natural brown sugar can be use as alternative. Try to avoid using white sugar and artificial sugar.

3. After letting the soy beans from Step 1 sit for 8 hours, strain the fermented soy beans from the liquid.

4. Pick out the clean soy beans into another bowl, remove the soy beans that has bruises or skin peeled.

5. After finish picking the soy beans. Steam the soy beans on a stove for 2 hours OR in a pressure cooker for 45 Minutes. **After steaming the soy beans, make sure the beans are dry and prevent from mixing with water.

6. After finish steaming, make sure the soy beans are fully dry and place them into a big glass bowl with 1 TBspn of Enzyme water from Step 2.

*Sediment will not be added into the bowl.

7. Mix the ingredients well, you can add a little more brown sugar for better fermentation.

8. Cover the bowl with plastic foil and poke holes on the foil with a toothpick.

9. Wrap the bowl with a thick blanket OR winter clothing.The fermentation process requires the natto be kept at approximately 38-46°C (100 - 115°F) for 12 hours.

After fermenting for 12 hours, you can leave the natto in the fridge to preserve it longer.

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